Luxury Vase & Basket

The most importnt thing in life is to learn how to give out love, and to let it come in.

Luxury Vase & Basket

Candy Dream

Candy dream: the new concept, 12 pieces of light pink garden roses mixed with carnation and hydrangea designed in the top handle bag.(23.5cm x 12cm x 34cm)


Luxury Vase & Basket

Pink Romance

Pink romance: the new concept, 12 pieces of hot pink garden roses mixed with hot pink mini roses designed in the top handle bag.(23.5cm x 12cm x 34cm)


Luxury Vase & Basket


For the tenderness, pink tong garden rose, champagne color rose, hot pink and white spray rose (vase size only- H: 8.5” D: 10”, With flower H: 14" D: 13" ) Item # LDV004


Luxury Vase & Basket

A Paris Day

24 pieces of Ranunculus float in a rectangular vase, feel the romanticism (vase size L: 15" H: 4" W: 4") Item # LDV001


Luxury Vase & Basket

Purple Dream

vanda orchidas, purple hydrangeas feel the fall winter texure in a two tier open top glass ball vase (2 vase size - opening D: 4.5" H:7.5" ) Item # LDV003


Luxury Vase & Basket


A contrasting mix of yellow cymbidium orchids and the red abstract wire which floating in water, and shuttling in a tall rounded glass vase size() Item # LDV002


Luxury Vase & Basket

A Dore

Warm purple rose with white tulips mini daisy and purple Statice. (size:) Item # LDV005


Luxury Vase & Basket


Yellow garden rose, phalaenipsis orchids, dark pink of ranunculus, with some greens, very attractive. (size: H: 4.5" W:12" L:13.5") Item # LDV006


Luxury Vase & Basket

Lavender Lover

2 English lavender with a moss bear and a box of pearl shape chocolate, sense of healing and romance. (size: L:12" H:6.5" W:9" ) Item # LDV007


Luxury Vase & Basket

The Perfection

Beige color rose, red ranunculus, white spray roses, leaf, eremurus, blue hydrangeas, a perfect mix. (size: L:16" W:12" H:7" ) Item # LDV008


Luxury Vase & Basket

p.s I Love You

100-120 mix of red and white roses, made to letters" I love you "in a large basket. Item # 009